Our Passion is Our Mission!

We're here to create 'feel good' movies that involve low budget and high returns, but without compromising on the creativity and quality aspects. Of course, financials being of paramount importance, we make it a point not to ignore the commercial elements that ensure the success of any film at the box office.

We are proud to say that our movies would not fall into the general formula of the routine violence and vulgarity. We strive for innovation, novelty and originality.

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Our Team - Our Journey

Even the mightiest water falls originate from a single drop of rain water.The longest journey has to start with a simple step only.

We have a dedicated core team always open to embrace the fresh talent towards a win-win situation. We are known for high energy that is constantly synergized by an endless passion to connect, communicate and create.

We know, we have many, many miles to go and we're aware that we can't sleep. We have dreams - not the ones that we get while sleeping - but those which just don't let us sleep..!